Ecommerce Web Design

A well-designed and developed eCommerce web design in Sri Lanka will achieve three important things: User-friendly, hassle-free shopping experience;
Integration of a secure payment gateway; and Features that turn your site into an online retail store.

With the rapid growth of Internet technology, the number of consumers that do their shopping online has experienced explosive growth. As well as the growth in mobile device users has fuelled this trend even further. To attain your share of this fast-growing online shopping market, the creation of an eCommerce site has become an urgency for many businesses.

A few online shopping store websites are being launched every month and only a well-designed ecommerce store with intuitive user interface can help you sail the waves of this intense competition. Our eCommerce Web Development service in Sri Lanka provides you with dynamic functionality, easy and smooth transactions with a secure shopping experience to your valuable clients.

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What Makes Our E-Commerce Web Designs Better Than The Rest?


An E commerce website with better functionalities can make its conversion rate higher. We build online stores on the latest versions of better E commerce frameworks. Better functionalities for users and ecommerce administrators are one of the governing factors from the design to deployment of each ecommerce development.

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Less loading time
  • Product Filters
  • Live product search

Ease Of Purchase

Online shopping is still new to some users. on the other hand, the purchasing process should be easy and stress-free for the customers to lead rich user experience and increases sales revenue. We design and develop Ecommerce websites with an interface that allows customers to make purchases in two or three clicks.

  • Smart Shopping Cart
  • Clear Call-to-Action Buttons
  • Clear Payment options
  • Purchasing Steps wizard

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the process of organizing, structuring and labeling the content of your website in a logical, category-based flow of information. We prepare a well-structured Information Architecture that will work for a better user experience and Search Engine Optimization.

  • Well Organized Product information
  • Offerce and Discounts
  • Strategically placed Contact Information
  • Well Structured Navigations

Ease of Use

The main purpose of your ecommerce website should be makeing your customers purchase quick and easy. Make sure your Online store is not making their purchase harder. Every single element in our Ecommerce Website Design is well formulated with first priority being visitor’s convenience.

  • Easy To Navigate
  • Easy To Find and Filter Products
  • Easy Checkout
  • Easy Payment options

Engaging Graphics

Graphics of an ecommerce website plays a huge role in its success. As well as being engaging, it needs to assist and inspire trust, visually pleasing and Light weight (fast –loading). Well-laid-out imagery is a crucial factor in encouraging sales and keeping users interested from the minute they land on your website.

  • Clean and legible text
  • Clear Images & Graphics
  • Well-Positioned iconography
  • Weight Optimized images

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