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Being a new fangled company, you have got a nicely Designed and Developed website for your business. Are you sure that you are getting enough results through it? When people search for you online with keyphrases relevant to your business, your website doesn’t show up. Then how can they find your business?

Did you know? Presently more than 90% users are searching online before they come to your place or purchase products from your Ecommerce Website. It became the easiest way to know correct information about any product or service. 95% of them find the top result and define the best solution in the 1st page. So, SEO is a major part of online marketing process. You may already having a nicely designed and developed website. But it’s not very useful if there are no visitors coming to the website or no one is making purchases through it. SEO helps to improve your website’s google ranking and others major search engine rankings.

As a Best SEO company in Sri Lanka our goal is to make sure that our client’s websites get more exposure online. We Provide results driven, professional SEO service to businesses helping them rank their websites higher in search engine result page and attract more traffic for a better conversion rate

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of structuring website and its content in a way that improves the website’s visibility and placement on search engine result page’s unpaid (Organic) result.

Our Proccess of SEO

360° Website Analysis

To understand SEO issues in the website, primarily we do an in-depth review of web pages and entire website. Our 360° website audit process Gives you a complete idea about current status of your website.

Keyword Research

Keyword research and analysis is the process of identifying the relevant and profitable search queries used by users to find similar businesses like you and target through the use of keywords in your website’s pages and content.

Competitor Analysis

A detailed competitor analysis of the market helps you to learn what really works within your industry and your competitors’ strategies. That ultimately save your time it takes to rank higher on Search Result.

SEO Content Planning

SEO content planning is any content creation with the aim of attracting users towards your website. Rich and valuble content helps you to rank well on search engines for relevant keywords and also being shared on social media.

On-page Optimization

On-page SEO is a combination of factors to optimize your website following search engine guidelines. Once we’ve optimized each of your web pages, your website can directly deal with search engine bots to get indexed and rank higher.

Navigation Architecture

Good website navigation makes it easy for your visitors to find what they want and search engines to discover and index your web pages. We build better navigations for Search engines without hurting user experience.

Off-page Optimization

Off page optimization is defined as the techniques that you can follow outside of your website in order to improve its ranking on the search engine result page. These ranking factors are rewards for the value you are creating on the web.

Analyze and Improve

We analyze your website traffic, user behavior, conversion rates, page performance and other activities to create progress reports for you. Thus, we can continuously solve any website issues and enhance the potential of the site.

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